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Western Alabama areas

J & C Auto Parts and Wrecker Service I Towing | Golden, MS

Has your vehicle broken down in the middle of the road? You can expect 24/7 roadside assistance from our friendly professionals in most all weather conditions. Our team has travelled up to 150 miles to retrieve a vehicle for wrecking - so you can always depend on us if you have a problem.

Hives Removal

Heavy Duty and Roll Back Service

We pay cash for used cars and will pick up junk cars

24/7 Towing and Wrecking Services

We serve a 100-mile radius around Golden

J & C Auto Parts and Wrecker Service serves customers around a 100-mile radius around Golden, including Belmont, Tishomingo, Vina, Fulton and beyond. You can call us for vehicle or construction equipment wrecking. We can take care of the job.  Speak to us today.

You will be paid in cash

Having been a trusted towing company for more than four decades. Our loyal customers know us to be prompt, reliable and affordable. Call us if your vehicle has reached its final resting stage. You will be paid in cash for your vehicle.

Roadside assistance

  • Car, truck and motorcycle towing

  • Heavy duty towing - including semi-trucks, trailers and RVs

  • Vehicle recovery

  • Flatbed towing

  • Wrecking services - vehicles and equipment

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